Friday, 28 September 2007

Introduction: why I prefer Gordon to Tony

For some time I have thought about writing a blog about British politics with the current ferment about a possible general selection providing the final stimulus. Pressure of work means that I won't be able to post very often, but I hope what I have to say may be of some interest.

I should say that I am not a very partisan person as my interest in politics is analytical. However, my politics were once described as marginally left of centre. I believe in the old Austrian social democrat slogan, 'as much market as possible, as much state as necessary.' I am also a supporter of UK membership of the EU.

I also have quite a lot of time for Gordon Brown. I met Gordon when I was chair of the Political Studies Association and we presented him with the Politician of the Year Award. We had quite a long chat and I found him a much more engaging person one to one than his dour image would suggest.

During the Blair-Brown transition period earlier this year, I was invited to a series of policy seminars run by the Smith Institute people at No.11 Downing Street. I must say that I prefer Gordon's dignified approach to politics to the celebrity imitating style of Tony. Politics is a serious business and Gordon frankly admits he is a serious person, as I am.

That doesn't mean that this blog will not be critical of Gordon from time to time.

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skipper said...

Gordon seems schizophrenic: some biographies- eg Tom Bower- paint a picture of a bullying, ruthless Stalinist, bent on feuds and revenge. And then there's 'nice' Gordon as reported by Geoffrey Robinson and yourself in this post.