Wednesday, 27 February 2008

What will it be like when Dave is in charge?

After nearly eleven years of New Labour we are used to their way of doing things: a somewhat contradictory mix of market liberalism and social authoritarianism, leading to more regulation and an upwards creep in the tax take. Like it or not, it has become familiar as the political context.

I was at a meeting yesterday when the question was 'what will life be like under a Conservative government?' It was a good question to ask as it is a strong possibility, but it was initially greeted with blank stares.

I recently read a long speech by David Cameron on agricultural policy. Leaving aside the partisan swipes about cattle diseases being due to New Labour incompetence, it was difficult to work out what the policy actually was or at any rate how it differed from the existing policy.

There will be policy changes, no doubt, and they may be easier to discern in less complex areas than agricultural policy. But at the moment, when it comes to specifics, I have little more idea what Cameron stands for than Obama.

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