Sunday, 3 August 2008

Dave 2 Is Policy Lite

Despite the sight of David Miliband signing autographs, the 'Millibandwagon' does not seem to be gathering much pace. He lacks much support among the grass roots of the Labour Party - indeed his brother Ed is more popular as he comes across as less of a policy wonk who can talk with feeling about issues like growing inequality. Many see Dave 2 as a Blair clone with having him as a leader being a step back.

Moreover, the article he published last week is remarkably policy lite. The fashionable idea of localism is at the centre of his agenda, but it is unclear how he would resolve the clash between handing power to regions over health policy and the geographical inequalities in standards of care that would inevitably result.

Devolving power and tackling global warming are sound progressive goals, but they are hardly the issues that are concerning the voters. Miliband has no ideas on tackling the economic downturn which is not surprising given that he has never held a Treasury post in government.

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