Sunday, 5 October 2008

The knock on the door

It's the moment every Labour supporter dreads. There is a knock on the door and Harriet Harman is standing there.

Matthew Morrow managed to hold to a safe Labour seat on Greenwich Council in the Plumstead ward. However, there was a 6.6 per cent swing to Labour on a turnout of 21.56 per cent and this was hailed as evidence of a 'Brown bounce'. Hence, the visit from Harriet.

Labour activists should be allowed to carry a card saying 'In the event of an election victory or hospitalisation, I do not wish to be visited by Harriet Harman.'


Justin Greaves said...

Ooo...a bit harsh!. BTW, I am a little surprised Margaret Beckett wasn't brought back in a Cabinet role. Whilst she is entitled to attend Cabinet meetings as Housing Minister it isn't a full Cabinet position.

Wyn Grant said...

The thought of Harman in No.10 is so frightening that a little bit of harshness is justified. Fortunately, the prospect has receded for now. I think we will see quite a lot of Margaret Beckett on television when there is a crisis, rolling her eyes in despair at her interrogators.