Friday, 3 April 2009

It's goodbye from him

I've enjoyed writing this blog, but given the other demands on my time, it hasn't been getting the level of hits that would justify its continuation. My blog on the Common Agricultural Policy attracts four to five times as many visits!

I have only suspended the blog and might return during the general election next year to follow the campaign in the marginal seat of Warwick and Leamington. It is currently held by one time junior minister James Plaskitt with a wafer thin majority, although he will benefit from redistricting.

He is being challenged by the second time by Chris White for the Conservatives. Clearly a smart cookie, the cerebal and dynamic White could match the political career of a former incumbent. It was once known as the Garden of Eden after Sir Anthony Eden.

Some final thoughts:
1. We have a real crisis of confidence in the political class and the political process - see the latest issue of British Politics.
2. The populist right is on the rise and we can expect to see BNP gains in the European elections. The latest issue of British Politics has an interesting article on the BNP in Burnley which shows how they benefitted from the failures of a complacent Labour council.
3. We are seeing a resurgence of the belief that politicians and bureaucrats are better at allocating resources than consumers in markets.


Justin Greaves said...

That's a shame. I always used to read it.

Wyn Grant said...

It was a small but distinguished audience.