Tuesday, 9 June 2009

It's all over for now

The media is going to have to find a new topic to focus on now that Gordon Brown has seen off the leadership challenge - such as it was, because as one commentator remarked, the Labour Party could not conspire its way out of a paper bag. The prime minister simply had to face down the usual suspects like Charles Clarke and promise to mend his ways. However, the media has promised to revive the story in the autumn.

The results in the European elections for Labour were atrocious, even worse than expected. They now face by-elections in the speaker's old seat where the Scottish Nationalists could mount a strong challenge after their good result in the European elections and in Norwich North. There is considerable local resentment at the way the rebel MP Ian Gibson was forced out of other expenses. The Greens are strong in Norfolk and could mount a creditable challenge.

Despite Dave Cameron boasting 'We are now No.1 in Wales' (albeit on 21 per cent of the vote), these results are not quite as good as the Conservatives might have hoped given the unpopularity of the Government. There is still a lack of real enthusiasm for them and some residual doubts about what they might do in office. A year from now we shall be finding out.

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