Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Harman: men do find me difficult

In an interview with the Evening Standard Harriet Harman admitted that her strident attitude made some men uncomfortable. She commented, 'I do think that I want to see change for the better - and change is sometimes difficult for people if they don't want to see change.' Asked which of her traits were disliked by men, she said 'Perhaps not taking no for an answer.'

According to the report, Ms Harman seemed hurt by her nickname 'Hattie Harperson' invented by enemies to lampoon her feminism.

Ms Harman insisted that she was only 'coordinating the team' and that Gordon Brown was in charge. However, her remarks since she became 'coordinator' have been something of an own goal. Edwina Currie described her as representative of a particular type of affluent, over educated woman.

Some electoral research does show that there is an anti-feminist dimension in the electorate. If equality of opportunity arguments are presented in the wrong way, the result can be counter productive.

There is also a much broader problem about the under achievement of younger males in comparison to women. This is a big topic, but they do need positive role models and a recognition that they are worthwhile members of society.

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