Sunday, 4 October 2009

Dave reveals some of his plans

Dave Cameron has revealed some of his plans for government, well a few anyway, via the Conservative's new backers The Sun. This report comes from the Daily Mail and some of the comments underneath are interesting: Cameron

I wish someone would explain to me what is meant by 'political correctness' and how one clamps down on it. Some of the objections to whatever is seem to be directed at measures intended to stop the treatment of women or ethnic minorities as second class citizens.

Freezing council tax would be popular, particularly given that it has consistently gone up above the rate of inflation and is in many respects a flawed tax, but how one would cut public services in response would pose an interesting dilemma for councils, given that many of them are imposed by legal obligations.

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Anonymous said...

Nice quote of yours in that article, by the by. Though I'm somewhat baffled by Cameron's point #7: 'Sort out national debt and public spending' -- is that supposed to mean anything in particular?