Thursday, 28 December 2017

Hezza kicks up a storm

Lord Heseltine has caused a storm by suggesting that a Labour Government under Jeremy Corbyn could be preferable to Brexit. The essence of his argument is that a Labour Government would cause short-term damage which could be rectified while Brexit would cause long-term damage and could not be rectified: Big beast

The usual suspects have called for the Conservative whip to be withdrawn from Lord Heseltine, but Theresa May probably has the good sense not to give this story legs by sanctioning a former deputy prime minister.

A representative of the Bow Group interviewed on Sky last night began to squirm when it was pointed out that he had advocated Conservative voters voting UKIP in some constituencies in the general election.

Of course, one of the paradoxes is that Jeremy Corbyn is suspected of being a covert Brexiteer. Labour has a different position on Brexit for every day of the week, but it has never said that it would reverse it, well aware of the damage that would cause among its core voters.

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