Wednesday, 3 January 2018

A victim of the liberal establishment?

Toby Young's friends like to characterise him as a victim of the liberal establishment, but this article makes a well-argued case against his appointment: Office for Students

The appointment could be construed as deliberately provocative.

Boris Johnson has come out in support of Young denouncing the 'ridiculous outcry' and praising his 'caustic wit'.

However, Conservatives are divided on the issue. Margot James, the minister for small business, has commented: 'It is a mistake for him to belittle sexist comments by labelling them as "politically incorrect", a term frequently used to dismiss unacceptable comments about, and behaviour towards, women.'

The Evening Standard, edited by George Osborne (admittedly no friend of the May Government) commented that Mr Young 'appears to have an obsession with commenting on the anatomy of women in the public eye.'

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