Friday, 11 July 2008

Didn't he do well?

David Davis is back as the MP for Howden and Haltemprice with a majority of over 15,000 on a turnout of 34 per cent. The Green Party came second. Two of the independents got only eight votes each which must be a record low for a parliamentary election.

As far as the 42-day rule is concerned, I have never seen any convincing evidence that the lack of it has frustrated an investigation, but we are told it might in the future. So is this just the government trying to look tough on terrorists?

The intervention by the former head of M15 in the House of Lords was far more damaging to the government's case than anything that David Davis has done.

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Justin Greaves said...

Apparently the existing by-election record of just five votes was set by road safety campaigner Bill Boaks in 1982.