Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Simple as

I'm not an expert on knife crime, but I do not have much time for the 'simple as' solition of locking more youngsters up for longer periods enabling more of them to be criminalised.

What is interesting is what this discussion reveals about the structure of contemporary politics. Although there have been some tragic incidents, and one death of this kind is one too many, it is by no means clear that deaths from stabbing have increased over the last five to six years.

However, the media has focused on this issue with demands that 'something must be done.' As a consequence, the Government is forced into a series of short-term gimmicks which are not properly thought through like the hospital visits proposal. What problems of this kind require is long-term, multi-faceted solutions not quick fixes which inevitably disappoint. But modern politics does not lead us in that direction.

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