Monday, 23 February 2009

Whingeing poms

Canberra, ACT: Seen in Britain a couple of days before I left a roadside sign declaring 'Welcome to our third world country. No salt.' I suspect that those who use this phrase, one often heard in relation to delays on the railways, have never been to a real third world country.

The Adelaide Sunday Mail carried a column about all Britain's social problems, not that Australia is free of them. The columnist said that Britons themselves had labelled the ceountry a 'broken society'. Actually it was Dave Cameron.

In doing so, he may have made a mistake. Deep rooted and extensive social problems are unlikely to be solved by political action. Indceed, the perception that 'they' can or should sort it out may be part of the problem as it absolves others of responsibility.

I am sure Harriet Harman, who is the social engineer par excellence, believes that government could solve all these problems. I see that she is manoeuvring to be Labour leader after the next election.

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