Monday, 2 March 2009

Brown features in Queensland poll

Brisbane: With the Queensland state election now under way, voters watching television this evening were confronted with the grim visage of Gordon Brown in an election advert. For reasons best known to himself, the LNP opposition leader seems to be in denial about the fact that there is a recession. His words of repudiation were juxtaposed with those of the British prime minister and President Obama.

At least the election is providing a little light relief. Former fish and chip shop owner Pauline Hanson at one time led the populist One Nation Party. She then went on to found Pauline's United Australia Party. This could start a fashion: Dave's Conservative Party or Nick's Liberal Democrats.

Now she is standing as an independent in an electorate south of Brisbane. Confronted with old allegations about the misuse of election funds, she had an impressive temper tantrum on television.

One of her opponents is a former rugby player who is being backed by a mens' magazine and has free false teeth as part of his platform. Read more here: Beaudesert

And we thought that Lembit Opik had a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock!

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Feral Sparrowhawk said...

Rugby player? RUGBY PLAYER? I will have you know that Warwick Capper may have played in Rugby territory, but he played the greatest came of all, Australian Rules Football.

He may be a completely braindead tosser, but he's our braindead tosser and we will not have some heathen sport steal him.