Sunday, 6 June 2010


Whenever I can I watch PMQs and occasionally make observations here. However, I have now come across a blog that looks at what happens in detail and makes informed and interesting comments, particularly about where a given MP is coming from. You can find it here: PMQs

An interesting comment about Alan Beith being in his 'twilight years'. He could presumably have gone to the Lords, but perhaps he thought that the Speaker might get into trouble and he could have another bite at that particular cherry.

I knew Alan Beith quite well when he was a political scientist, although he was one of those political scientists who is an academic while they are waiting to get into Parliament, not that there is anything wrong with that (and he took quite a perilous route). He wrote an autobiography a couple of years ago and I quote from it in my forthcoming history of the Political Studies Association.

The last time I ran across him was at No.11 Downing Street during the Blair-Brown transition period.

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