Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Vince lays it on the line

One of the news channels commented that Vince Cable looked 'hemmed in' as he sat on the Treasury bench during the Chancellor's speech yesterday. In truth there isn't much room on the front bench, although there was a certain irony in Vince being placed next to Iain Duncan-Smith.

In this article, Vince does not trip the light fantastic, but lays it on the line about why there was no alternative to a tough budget and why he has channged his mind on some issues: Vince

In ambushing the university vice-chancellors over their pay hikes, Vince showed that he can be a grizzly bear as well as a cuddly one. He can play hard ball, which is as it should be.

One of the constitutional ironies of yesterday's performance was that it was preceded by questions to the Church Commissioners, their spokesman on earth now being Tom Baldry, the member for Banbury.

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