Monday, 23 March 2015

Coalition and minority government options

The last calculation of each possible coalition/minority government scenarios after the general election by Populus/Hanover gives seven options as likely (the others such as 'Labour majority' are ranked at 1.4 per cent or less):

  • Labour/SNP 26.9 per cent
  • Labour/Lib Dem 16 per cent
  • Labour/Lib Dem/SNP/left minority 15.1 per cent
  • Labour/SNP/left minority 11.6 per cent
  • Conservative/Lib Dem/DUP 10.8 per cent
  • Labour/Lib Dem/left minority 8.9 per cent
  • Conservative/Lib Dem 5.1 per cent

A further complicating factor is that Lib Dem 'elder statesman' David Steel has claimed that the mood within the party is to accept nothing more than a 'confidence and supply' agreement with anyone.

My own take on the situation can be found here: Minority government

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