Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Boris and Ken neck and neck

The latest IPOS/Mori poll suggests that Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone are neck and neck in the race for London mayor. Following a poor showing by Boris on Newsnight some punters are switching their bets:

The implication in one of the comments that Mori might be biased is unfair. This is a highly reputable polling organisation that conforms to Market Research Society codes of conduct. I happen to know the founder, Sir Bob Worcester. Mori have done polling for Labour, but they have also done polling for other parties and Sir Bob has friends across the political class.

When poll results are so close, they are well within the range of sampling error and should really be published by the media with plus or minus figures. The message here is no one knows for sure whether Boris or Ken is ahead or who will win.

Many Londoners are fed up with Ken, can't stand Boris and think that Paddick is irrelevant to the outcome. For an interesting take from a South-East London perspective go to: The Last Bus Home

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Justin Greaves said...

What is also interesting is that at a national level YouGov and ICM have Dave's Tories doing quite a lot better than the other polling companies (Ipsos-Mori; ComRes and Populus). It will be interesting to see how this plays out.