Monday, 21 April 2008

Salmond targets 20 seats

SNP leader Alex Salmond has set the party a goal of increasing its representation from six to at least 20 seats at the next general election. He told his party's spring conference in the Scottish capital that such a shift could 'make Westminster dance to a Scottish jig.'

One must be careful of reading off results from the Scottish Parliament election to the next general election. However, if the SNP did increase their representation at the next general election they could be key power brokers in a hung Parliament. Unlike the 'Cleggovers' they would be less likely to support the Conservatives given that they are essentially a social democratic party.

Mr Salmond also revealed that the Scottish Cabinet would go walkabout in the summer recess with meetings planned in Glasgow; in the south of Scotland at Dumfries; in the north at Inverness (which once hosted a meeting of the British Cabinet) and on Skye in the Highlands and Islands. The Scottish Parliament has already met away from Edinburgh.

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