Friday, 25 April 2008

Political joke

No, I am not referring to the Mayor of London contest (on which Bagehot in The Economist had a good piece last week). Apparently the English Democrat candidate has withdrawn, as this excellent blog informs us:
Open Democracy

Roy Jenkins was offered the freedom of the borough where his father was a MP. After the ceremony he retired with the mayor and corporation to the local pub where a meal was offered. The first course was 'Pride of the Valleys' paté which Woy did not like the look of.

'Could I have something light, say some asparagus tips?' he asked. The waitress went away. Looking somewhat flustered, she came back later. 'Chef says he can't get any asparagus tips, but here are some Benson and Hedges.'

I'm off to Quebec for a week so I shall miss the mayoral election result and there won't be any updates for a while. I simply no idea whether it will Boris or Ken.

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