Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Darling gets vote of confidence

Alastair Darling has received the vote of confidence from No.10 Downing Street after BBC speculation that he might be on his way out in a summer reshuffle.

In football the dreaded vote of confidence is usually followed in short order by the sack. However, although Darling has had a rough ride, Gordon Brown is well aware that any move to replace him might be seen as an attempt to shift the blame for the government's woes.

Prime ministers who have sacked their chancellors have often followed them out the door of No.10 not so long afterwards, Harold Macmillan and Selwyn Lloyd being a case in point, while Mrs Thatcher was weakened by losing Nigel Lawson.

I am starting to get media calls about Gordon Brown's first birthday yet. They think it's all over but it isn't yet comes to mind.

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