Friday, 6 June 2008

Dave takes no chances at Henley

Dave Cameron is pouring plenty of resources into defending Boris Johnson's old seat at Henley on Thames (before Bozza it was held by Hezza). This might all seem a bit unnecessary with a safe seat and a local councillor as candidate. However, Dave is influenced by the example of Bromley in 2006 when the Conservative majority plummeted to under 700 in the face of a strong Liberal Democrat challenge.

I am sceptical about whether the Lib Dems can mount that strong a challenge in Henley, while Labour are already reconciled to losing their deposit.

The outcome of next week's crucial vote on the 42-week detention rule could well depend on the nine Democratic Unionists. The Home Secretary seems to have done a good job of calming the fears of some Labour MPs earlier in the week.

The Government seems to have followed a strategy of putting their heads down and getting on with the business of governing which is probably the best course to follow in the circumstances. Dave's performance at question time this week was somewhat undermined by hilarity over his new haircut.

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