Thursday, 12 June 2008

The odd resignation of David Davis

Relatively few events in politics surprise me, but the resignation of David Davis to fight a by-election on the 42-day rule does. The decision can hardly please Dave Cameron and indeed Davis will fight the election 'without the full resources of the Conservative Party.'

The 42-day rule is supported by something like sixty to seventy per cent of the electorate and voters do not welcome unnecessary by-elections. It could be an opportunity for the Liberal Democrats who have had designs on the seat in the past. In any event, it will be a useful distraction for Gordon Brown and an unwelcome one for the Conservatives.

A full statement from Dave Cameron is awaited, but he is reported to have described the decision as 'courageous' which is a coded way of saying 'foolhardy'.


Justin Greaves said...

It was just reported on BBC news that Davis has spoken to Nick Clegg and that the Lib Dems may not put up a candidate.

Wyn Grant said...

That's nice of them