Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Brown bounce cuts Tory lead

The latest Populus poll in The Times shows Labour up 5 points and the Conservatives down 5, which, if it was repeated in a general election, would probably result in the Conservatives being the largest party in the Commons but without an overall majority

Once again it's the economy, stupid. Gordon Brown has a 20 per cent lead over Dave Cameron in terms of being the best prime minister 'to deal with Britain's economy in recession'. However, Cameron has a 7 per cent lead in terms of being able to lead Britain forward after the next election. Peter Riddell develops this theme here:

The Conservatives have been caught a little flat footed by recent economic developments and George Osborne's reputation has taken a bit of a battering. However, it's a difficult wicket for an opposition party. Criticism can be seen as irresponsible carping, while the prime minister is able to appear as decisive and authoritative on the world stage. Much will depend on the credibility of the tax cuts package proposed by the Conservatives.

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