Thursday, 6 November 2008


The substantial Labour victory at Glenrothes is a major shot in the arm for Labour, particularly given the personal involvement of Gordon and Sarah Brown. Even yesterday, Labour was saying that while it had narrowed the gap, expecting the SNP to win. In fact the swing to the SNP was only five per cent giving Labour a comfortable majority of over 6,000.

The SNP case has been looking more than a little weakened since the collapse of the 'arc of prosperity' and the two leading Scottish banks having to be bailed out by Britain. The local SNP council was also none too popular, particularly over care charges, and the council leader was their candidate.

Labour had a popular local candidate, but it would seem that the economic crisis helped Labour. One voter remarked in a vox pop that Gordon Brown was needed to get the country out of the mess.

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Charlie Small said...

But will Gordon Brown be needed after fixing the 'mess'?

It does appear to be very much like a global economic 'war': on Radio 4 last night the forthcoming appointment of Barack Obama's Treasury Secretary was being described as having the same importance (or more) of an appointment to the head of the Army.