Tuesday, 3 March 2009

More from Beaudesert

Brisbane: Australia has some sophisticated politicians and some good ideas. After all, that's why I'm here, to do some policy learning. But you wouldn't think it if you were following the campiagn in Beaudesert.

#1: Warwick Capper's short political career is at an end and he can return to Surfers Paradise. Having undertaken to launch his campaign with placard waving bikini clad girls, he failed to file his nomination papers. Add a 'r' to his name and it would be a good pseudonym for a student writing in the Warwick Boar.

#2: The seat is currently held by the LNP although the incumbent is not standing again. The LNP candidate was arrested and fined for storming the set of Big Brother apparently to promote his rock band. I know the federal environment minister is an old rocker who still does the occasional gig for a good cause but ...

#3: Pauline Hanson has already had a go at free trade. Immigrants next? Of course, there's always a market for nativist populism, even more so in a recession. In vox pops, some voters praise her for her honesty. So accepting Australia as a multi-cultural society is not honest?

At least it's a distraction from increasingly grim financial news.

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