Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Photos of controversial candidate are a fake

I tried to make friends with this resident of the Beaudesert electorate where Pauline Hanson is standing but with little success. I saw a lot of yard signs for the Greens.

It seems quite a while now since I was in Queensland, but I thought I would catch up with events as the campaign enters its final phase. An oil slick off the Sunshine Coast has given the opposition a stick to beat the government with, but even more fuss has been caused by alleged photographs of controversial candidate Pauline Hanson in skimpy attire.

The Brisbane Times has conducted an investigation and it appears that the photos taken by a former boy friend are in fact of someone else: Fake

We have had similar incidents in the past involving women British politicians.

Local bloggers seem to think that the result is too close to call, with Labor losing a substantial number of seats, but perhaps just clinging on in the Executive Building (a singularly nondescript modern building): Election

Just in case anyone in Brisbane complains, the original Executive Building was a more distinguished piece of architecture which subsequently became the Lands Administration Building

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