Monday, 22 February 2010

Prime monster

This is the headline in the Currant Bun this morning after allegations of bullying in No.10 Downing Street. I heard the rather whiney chief executive of the Bullying Helpline on Radio 5 last night claiming that members of staff there had rung for help. She stated that she was non-political, and no doubt she is, but the whole episode has given her organisation some helpful publicity. Downing Street has requested that details of the complaints be provided, but no doubt this request will be refused on the grounds of confidentiality.

Downing Street is a high pressure environment. People work long hours in physically cramped conditions and have to respond very quickly to rapidly changing events. It is stressful and no doubt staff do feel the sharp edge of the prime minister's tongue from time to time. But one is reminded of Harry Truman's phrase: 'If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.'

All this has, of course, distracted attention from Gordon Brown's campaign slogan launch at Warwick University on Saturday. Sunday's YouGov poll saw the Conservative lead cut to six points, although I am always cautious of reading too much into one poll.

The Sunday Times thought that the cut in Dave Cameron's lead might have something to do with Gordon's rather mawkish television interview last weekend. I think that it has probably more to do with the negative tone of Dave's campaigning: austerity, broken Britain etc. People want some positive messages and some hope for the future.

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Justin Greaves said...

The key issue for me is the breach in confidentiality in this woman from the bullying organisation coming forward - I see someone this morning has resigned.