Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Dave's speech

I thought that this was a good speech of its kind. Not using an auto cue, only a few notes, made Dave looked relaxed and in command. But I was still left with the 'where's the beef?' question. I know that in a sense the speech was a kind of housekeeping list of 'what I would do if I I found myself in No.10', but there still is a lack of a unifying, energising theme. I am afraid we have heard all this stuff about 'a new politics' from politicians before. OK, there is an emphasis on the family, but this fails to take account of how much families have changed in my lifetime.

BBC News did an informal focus group with voters from the Dartford area. Two women in mid-life I know who work as secretaries come from this area and it is people like Tracy and Sue who will really determine the outcome of the election which is effectively fought in a small number of marginal seats. The voters in Dartford thought Dave was 'fresh' but that Gordon was 'authoritative'.

We aren't buying a house fragrance but someone to run the country. Dave reminds me of the nice young man my middle daughter buys her Mercedes off, not so far from Dave's constituency in rural Oxfordshire. Nicely turned out, good background, thoroughly decent young family man, super chap all round. You would buy a used Mercedes off him. But you wouldn't want him in No 10 Downing Street as prime minister.

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