Saturday, 6 October 2007

Roy Jenkins the villager

I have now solved the question of where Roy Jenkins was buried. Although his funeral service was at St.Augustine's Church, he is buried elsewhere in the village cemetery. The entry in the DNB, written by no less an authority than Anthony Howard, is therefore wrong and an E mail has gone to Oxford.

Someone once wrote a book about 'Shaw the Villager'. Most people thought of GBS as a playwright (his plays have not worn well) and an iconoclast, rather than a resident of Ayot St.Lawrence.

But apparently Roy Jenkins had his role as a villager according to the Oxford Mail:

The chairman of East Hendred Parish Council, Dr John Sharp, said he had played an important part in village life.

He said: "He was active in village affairs and opened the Millennium extension at Snell's Hall. We are proud to have a plaque up there.

"He also presented prizes at the horticultural show. He was very much part of East Hendred."

The Rector of East Hendred parish church and next-door neighbour, the Rev Ernest Adley [now replaced by the Rev. Rita Ball], said: "He was a good neighbour. The touching thing for me was that I was ill over Christmas and when he discovered that, he sent me a signed copy of his latest book."

As it so happens, one of my granddaughters is going to Snell's Hall tonight for a sleepover with the Rainbows.


Politaholic said...

He sent a signed copy of his own book? Bit conceited don't you think? What was the booby prize - two signed copies?

Wyn Grant said...

I think that Roy always had quite a high opinion of himself, but probably with some justification. Some of the biographies may last longer than his reputation as a politician.