Sunday, 14 October 2007

Where to guv?

Cab drivers in London feature prominently in the mythology of British culture and politics. Private Eye even has a column in which a mythical cab driver (sometimes based on a public figure) gives his absurd views on contemporary issues. Prince Philip rides round London in a cab converted to run on electricity and sometimes gets hailed by would be passengers.

'Doing the Knowledge' is one of the most arduous training and socialisation processes anywhere. I have a reasonably good memory but I couldn't begin to master all the 'routes' that my friend Kevin Portch has had to learn. Sat Nav? Don't mention it.

Kev said 'Where to guv?' for the first time on Friday. By tradition the first fare is free and it was a £23 one from Hoxton. The passenger (a well-known musician) gave £25 to charity.

Read about Kev's experiences here:

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