Monday, 22 March 2010

Sam Cam is pregnant

The battle of the wives in the run up to the general election took a new turn tonight with the news that Dave Cameron's wife Samantha is pregnant: Sam If Dave wins the election, a child could be born to a Downing Street family for the first time since Cherie Blair had Leo ten years ago. It's quite a change from the days of the cuckolded Harold Macmillan with his prostate problems.

The news gives a more savoury turn to the 'leaders' wives' dimension of the election after it was revealed that 'alluring' pictures of Sam undertaking a modelling assignment over ten years ago were being hawked at a starting price of 25k.

One of the ways in which Dave Cameron appeals to key women voters is a 'family man'. Judgements about the leader are now a key element in voters' decisions and that extends to his wife and family.

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