Friday, 26 March 2010

Worcester Woman is back!

The ultimate median voter, Worcester Woman, has been found alive and well in the Midlands cathedral city. Registered childminder Julia Langdale was identified as the Worcester Woman in 1997 when she voted for Labour as she found Tony Blair charismatic. Before then she had alternated between the main parties.

Radio 5 interviewed her this morning. Gordon Brown was dimissed as boring and uncharismatic (clearly politics is seen as a celebrity activity). Dave Cameron was found to be smug and uncharismatic. Nick Clegg clearly didn't feature on her radar at all.

She felt that hard-working middle income families like her were seeing their standard of living eroded by tax increases, making particular reference to fuel and beer. Her whole tone was weary and disillusioned. She was uncertain whether she would vote at all, although felt a sense of obligation to do so.

It is the likes of Julia Langdale who will decide who walks through the door of No.10 on May 7th.

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