Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Cabinet making continues

There is some confusion about the future of Defra with speculation about machinery of government changes. Nick Herbert was the shadow minister but Caroline Spellman, who used to work for the NFU on sugar beet, has also been linked with the post.

Unconfirmed reports from the Scilly Isles suggest that the Liberal Democrat MP for the islands, Andrew George, might become transport secretary. There would be a certain irony in this given the close personal attention that Harold Wilson gave to transport links to his island holiday home. The Scillonian III, which Wilson secured for the islands, is about to be replaced.

However, Radio Scilly has been speculating that George will get the fisheries portfolio.


Anonymous said...

The coalition looks like it is going to last - at east in the short term. It looks fairly robust. With Labour re-grouping, is Miliband (David) a shoe-in for party leader, in the absence of any strong alternative candidate.

Also, you would think that the next government would perhaps not be a coalition. The Lib Dem-COnservative pact could split up and perhaps it is unlikely that if the next election is as close as this one a Labour-Lib Dem pact would not happen - simply because they were previously in bed with the Tories.

In which case, the Labour Party is going to have to do a lot to get back into power - the choice of leader in that sense in extremely important - any thoughts on this?

Wyn Grant said...

Dave Miliband is clearly the front runner with Ed Balls probably in second place at the moment. My personal view is that Ed is smarter than his brother and has more balanced views, but they can hardly fight each other? Or can they? It's also possible that Yvette Cooper may stand against her husband. Again, I have a higher opinion of her.

Whether or not the Parliament lasts five years depends in part on the fixed term plan which is in fact full of holes.