Friday, 7 May 2010

Come on down says Dave

Ann Arbor, Mi: David Cameron has made his opening offer to the Liberal Democrats, emphasising the areas of agreement but also drawing lines in the sand on immigration and further extensions of the powers of the EU. Dave did not use the 'C' word, but he did not rule it out either and indicated that a closer arrangement might be preferable to a 'confidence and supply' arrangement. Lib Dem sources are indicating that they regard what Dave has had to say as 'significant'/

On electoral reform, he offered an all party inquiry on all aspects of political reform. The key question for the Lib Dems is what would the timetable be and would it lead it anywhere before a second election which could follow within twelve months.

Above all, Dave stressed the importance of tackling the budget deficit right away and that might face the Lib Dems with some unpalatable choices.

As he was trying (with some success) to look like a prime minister, perhaps the time has come to stop calling him 'Dave'.

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