Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Nick and Dave make up

Dave's friends still think that Nick treated him badly when he started flirting with Laura Labour. But at the end of the day, wealth and breeding counts and it looks as if the marriage of convenience is going to win through: Deal

I do not think that the so-called 'rainbow coalition' could have worked or if it had the price would have been special treatment for voters in the devolved regions. Clearly there will be recurrent tensions in any Conservative-Liberal arrangement, not least from the backbenches of both parties, and I think that this Parliament will fall far short of a full term.

The pace of events and the changing picture has been extraordinary. I wouldn't have been surprised to be told that Vince Cable had displaced Nick Clegg in a coup and was forming a coalition in the 'national interest' with the Official Monster Raving Loony Party and the Ultra Rockall is Unionist Party.

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