Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Tories could do deal with Democratic Unionists

All the focus in 'hung Parliament' discussions has been about the Liberal Democrats and occasionally the Nationalists, but the Democratic Unionists have been relatively ignored. However, if the Conservatives fall just short of an overall majority, they could provide enough support to keep them in office, bearing in mind also that the likely five Sinn Fein MPs will not turn up in Westminster.

Certainly Dave Cameron thinks he can seal the deal: Deal (Sam Cam fans should note that this report contains a picture of her with her hair in considerable disarray). The price would be safeguarding public expenditure in Northern Ireland which he had previously implied he intended to cut back. However at £200m the price is not that steep for relative security in office.

Dave has made it clear that he would rather head a minority government than do a deal with Nick Clegg. This perhaps explains why Clegg has now said that electoral reform is now not a precondition of agreement, whereas one might think it was the key demand for the Lib Dems. There are increasing signs from the polls that the Clegg bubble is bursting as Lib Dem policies come under close scrutiny in the polls.

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