Monday, 10 May 2010

Decision day

It increasingly looks like decision day in terms of the formation of a new government. Talks between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats appear to have gone well this morning. It also looks as if a coalition may be on the cards as the Conservatives consider that would give a more stable basis for government. In that case Nick Clegg could be deputy prime minister and Vince Cable might be business secretary.

Nick Clegg is currently explaining the deal to his 57 MPs in the Grand Committee Room of the House of Commons. This meeting was still going after 90 minutes and coffee and muffins were sent for. It is understood that the Tory proposals have had a 'mixed reception' which could mean a resumption of negotiations later today or tomorrow.

It is being reported that Gordon Brown will make a statement later and will offer to stand down as prime minister after a stipulated period.

Labour has been trying to sow dissent in Lib Dem ranks. There have been talks between Nick Clegg and Gordon Brown this morning and there could be further discussions later today. Lord Mandelson has held secret talks with Lib Dems over the weekend in the context of a so-called 'spoiler' offer.

The choreography of Gordon Brown's departure remains uncertain. The Queen returned this morning from her home at Windsor Castle to her London office at Buck House.

Dave Cameron is meeting his MPs at 6 p.m., among them will be new Warwick and Leamington MP Chris White.

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