Monday, 10 May 2010

An element of chaos creeps into coalition talks

The coalition negotiations have been conducted in a orderly and professional manner up to now, but an element of chaos crept in when David Laws made a statement over a mobile phone from inside the House of Commons to media crews outside. It was quite difficult to hear what he was saying and in particular to understand questions from the likes of Nick Robinson.

What it seemed to come down to was this. The talks with the Conservatives had been 'very good'. But further clarification was required on three issues:

1. Education and in particular the pupil premium, of particular concern to Laws as the putative Education Secretary.
2. Tax reform.
3. Voting reform.

On the last point, it appears that soundings have been taken within the Conservative Party on a referendum on the alternative vote, which some Lib Dems have said they might accept if there was a review after a few years.


Anonymous said...

In which case, does this suggest that a general election in 2010 is less likely?

Wyn Grant said...

This is such a fast moving situation that it is difficult to be certain of anything. However, I would have thought that the composition of the Commons is such that it is difficult to sustain a government of any composition for any length of time.